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Crafting Delightful Treats: The Heart of Iwatsuka's Delicious Rice Snack Creation

09 Nov 2023

At Iwatsuka Confectionery, we hold a simple truth close to our hearts: delicious rice snacks begin with delicious rice. That's why we are deeply committed to a special contract-cultivation of "Yukimirai" rice with local farmers in Niigata Prefecture. This variety of mochi rice isn't just chosen at random; "Yukimirai" is specifically esteemed for its suitability as a primary ingredient in rice snacks. The name itself, a combination of "yuki," symbolizing the snow-like whiteness of the rice, and "mirai," reflecting the novelty and future potential of the variety, reflects its pristine quality and promising attributes.

Deliciousness in our products is a pursuit we take seriously, extending beyond rice to the selection of our soybeans. In the vast Tokachi Plains of Hokkaido, we engage in contract farming to source the "Otona Osodefuri" soybeans, a decision that's as strategic as it is flavorful.

Commonly known as "meat from the field," soybeans are lauded for their high nutritional value. Among them, the "Otona Osodefuri" soybeans harvested in the Tokachi region of Hokkaido stand out, containing nearly double the amount of isoflavones compared to imported soybeans from China and the United States. It's not just the nutritional aspect that makes these soybeans special; their natural sweetness and compatibility with rice snacks make them an ideal match for our products.

Every bite of an Iwatsuka rice snack is a testament to our dedication to quality ingredients. From the pure white grains of "Yukimirai" rice to the sweet "Otona Osodefuri" soybeans, we are constantly exploring and improving our craft. The commitment to using superior, locally sourced ingredients ensures that every product we create not only tastes delightful but also carries the essence of its origin. By embracing the bounties of our regional agriculture, Iwatsuka Confectionery is proud to offer snacks that are not only a joy to the palate but also a celebration of Japanese farming excellence.

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