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The Iwatsuka Commitment: Quality and Freshness Above All

09 Nov 2023

In the heart of every Iwatsuka confection lies a steadfast principle: a dedication to the origin of deliciousness. This commitment to taste has remained unchanged from the moment we began crafting rice snacks to today. It can be summed up simply as our "quality and freshness first" philosophy. This means always creating high-quality products and delivering them to our customers promptly. Even in times of economic downturn and rampant price competition, our stance remains unwavering because we believe this commitment is the essence of Iwatsuka's identity.

Our ability to maintain this Iwatsuka signature in this day and age stems from a dedication to our ingredients and the unique production and development of our IPS system (Iwatsuka Production System). We vow to continue striking a balance between freshness and quality with our distinctive approach of "freshly made shipments," ensuring that the diverse tastes of our snacks reach our customers as fresh as they can be. 

"Rice snacks are freshness." In an era where the freshness of food is a deciding factor for consumers, the demand for fresh rice snacks is no exception. Though rice snacks may not deteriorate as quickly as some other foods, there is a strong consumer desire for that "freshly made" quality. In response, Iwatsuka has developed the IPS system, a comprehensive mechanism that spans sales, manufacturing, and logistics. By finely tuning into the trends of demand, we've significantly reduced our inventory, allowing us to deliver even fresher products. Practicing the IPS method means transitioning from forecast-based production to order-based production. In other words, instead of producing goods based on manufacturing convenience, we manufacture to meet our customers' desired delivery dates, enabling a more customer-centric production process.

Moving forward, we will continue to enhance efficiency across all departments, striving to provide higher quality rice snacks at more affordable prices while ensuring a stable supply.

No matter the circumstance, we selectively choose only the finest rice. "You cannot make a quality processed agricultural product from poor raw materials," the founders of Iwatsuka once said. "One must master the processing techniques because even good ingredients can lead to unpleasant processed products. No matter how much you refine your processing techniques, poor ingredients will never yield a good product." 

These words, still conveyed within Iwatsuka Confectionery, echo the sincere heart of our founding philosophy. To mold the most basic desire of any food manufacturer—delivering delicious, freshly made products to customers as quickly as possible—into reality.

Everything we do is for the smiles of our customers. Each Iwatsuka snack is a taste of our heritage, a blend of meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to quality and freshness, ensuring that with every bite, a smile is born.

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