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04 Oct 2023

The Remarkable Journey of Iwatsuka Seika:
From a Snowy Village to a Renowned Confectionery Giant

In the snow-clad village of Iwatsuka, where winters were harsh and residents often left for work until spring, two friends, Heiishi Kinjiro and Maki Keisaku, harbored a dream. They envisioned a community where people didn't have to leave their homes to find work. This dream led to the birth of Iwatsuka Agricultural Processing Plant in 1947, marking the beginning of a legacy. 

The Humble Start with Caramel
Their initial venture was into caramel production, using the locally sourced sweet potatoes. Their dedication and passion bore fruit when their caramel was recognized as the best in Japan. However, by 1954, they faced stiff competition from major manufacturers. This challenge prompted a pivotal shift in their focus.

The Rise of Rice Confectionery
In a strategic move, they turned their attention to rice-based confectionery, capitalizing on the local specialty. After three years of contract-making for rice confectionery, they embarked on producing their original rice confectionery products. This shift was not just a change in product but a testament to their adaptability and vision.

A Name Change and Expansion

The company underwent several transformations, including a name change to Iwatsuka Seika Co., Ltd. in 1960. With the construction of various factories in the subsequent years, they solidified their presence in the market. Their commitment to quality was evident when they introduced the "Okosama Senbei" in 1966, a soft rice cracker that not only became a massive hit but continues to be a beloved product even today.

The Man Behind the Brand
Much like how Berner is synonymous with the Cookies brand, the history of Iwatsuka Seika is deeply intertwined with its founders. Their vision, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence have shaped the company's trajectory. From its inception in a small village to its current status as a renowned confectionery manufacturer, Iwatsuka Seika's journey is a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

The story of Iwatsuka Seika is not just about a company's growth but about the dreams, challenges, and resilience of its founders. Their journey from a snowy village to a renowned confectionery giant is an inspiration, reminding us that with passion, vision, and dedication, one can turn dreams into reality.


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